Types Of Gardening

Organic gardening

Organic gardening is revolutionizing the way we do our gardening keeping in mind the environment around us. It involves doing away with harmful chemicals and pesticides and using natural products to grow our fruits and vegetables. The natural way of increasing the fertility of the soil is through the use of decayed plant and animal matters and manures. Organic gardening involves duplicating these nutrients by recycling them back into the soil. Organically cured soil is rich in microscopic life which benefits the plants. Artificial fertilizers and pesticides disrupt the nature's balance. It is even costlier compared to organic gardening. In other way it can be said that organic gardening involves respecting our flora and fauna. The various techniques of organic gardening are No Dig Gardening and Companion Planting.

Hydroponic gardening

As the name suggests Hydroponic Gardening refers to the cultivation of plants in water. Since different media or aggregates are used for growing a plant Hydroponic Gardening can be broadly defined as cultivation of plants without soil. Hydroponic technique has been adopted because of lack of availability of fertile lands. Hydroponic Gardening involves growing of plants in water mixed with nutrients. Although hydroponics was used as a research technique for nearly a century it was only in 1929 that experiments were conducted to determine its commercial feasibility. Commercially it's becoming popular in United States and other countries.

Container gardening

With population increasing day by day and spaces becoming dearer container gardening is being used as an effective tool by those people who love to maintain a garden but cannot do so because of paucity of space. The origin of container gardening can be traced to China where Bonsai was started and it is also visible in the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Containers used can be various shapes and sizes and could be made of metal, clay, wood etc.

Flower gardening

Ever thought about creating a flower garden but never knew how to go about it?? Flowers are one of the precious gifts of nature. The colors they impart, the fragrance they emit all add to the beauty of the surroundings. Let us discuss certain tips to create a beautiful flower garden to enhance tour house surroundings.

Raised bed gardening

Raised Bed Gardening was a popular concept before colonial era and is making a comeback among vegetable growers at home. Parts of the world where the population pressure on the land is high and where the land cannot be tilled easily raised bed gardening is followed. The major advantage of applying raised bed gardening is that the soil raised above ground level warms up quickly during the spring season and helps in advancing the plantation dates. High quality soil is used in these beds which increases the yield and improves drainage.

Water gardening

The sight and sound of water has always been appealing and who doesn't like the trickle of water and having a water garden in the home is a real treat. Believe it or not water gardening is the easiest form of outdoor gardening. Water Garden is a pool of water which includes aquatic plants, fishes and other water creatures.

Square foot gardening

Another technique for vegetable gardening. It was developed by Mr. Bartholomew during the eighties and since then has gained prominence. It started as a result of problems faced as a result of community allotment. This technique involves creating garden beds which are divided into square foot areas. This technique is based on four foot square. This technique gives the advantage of growing large number of plants in a square area. Crops are planted at frequent intervals so that the produce can be obtained throughout the year.