Gardening Tips

Here are certain tips on how to start a garden and maintain it.

Planting The Seeds

The most basic thing for starting a garden. Prepare the seeds indoor so as to get an early bloom. Seeds can be prepared using the same conditions as used outside. Use sterile soil otherwise the seeds may develop a fungus known as Damping-off Disease which is caused because of fungi present in the soil. Make efficient use of artificial or natural light to germinate the seeds otherwise the seedlings may become spindly. Artificial lights may have to be used up to 14 hours a day. Keep the medium for e.g. sponge moist rather than soggy. Too much water may kill the seeds. Plant them outside only when they are fit for transplanting generally four to six weeks after germination.


It is used for those seeds which have a hard coating. This technique is used to germinate the seeds faster. This technique involves making a shallow cut in the seeds so that the moisture can enter them and the seeds can germinate faster. For e.g. the seeds of moonflower vine Ipomoea alba do not germinate unless a cut has been made in the seeds.

Pest Management

Harmful Chemical Insecticides should be used keeping in mind the ecology system. As it seen that use of chemicals on plants can cause them to enter the food cycle and it can harm both the plants and the food chain. Use of chemicals can harm the ecological system. We must know that plants can naturally resist the pest if proper nutrition is supplied to them. Make sure that they receive adequate sunshine and water. Instead of harmful chemicals organic material can be used. Natural way to control the pest can be through the use of lady beetle, spider etc. to devour on the pests.

Care To Be Take While Planting

Make a hole 50 to 100% bigger than the plant's root. Mix compost, soil conditioners in the soil removed and use it for the plant sown. Small plants can be placed together in a larger area rather than in individual holes.

Put some soil in the hole of the mound created.Unpot the plant and make sure that it is not root bounded and then place it in the hole.

Preparing The Garden

In order to create a healthy garden a lot of patience is required.

What To Grow

The plants which can be grown will depend upon the amount of sunlight, moisture content and the soil composition. For e.g. plants which depend upon sunlight require at least six hours of sunlight so make sure that required amount is available for these kinds of plants.

Type Of Soil Required

You need to determine the composition of your soil .The main constituents of soil are clay, silt and sand. An ideal combination would be 40% silt, 40% sand and 20% clay. One way to determine the composition of the soil is to hold it hand and squeeze it and if it does not form into a shape it is loose.

Amendment Of Soil

In order to improve the soil add organic matter. If the soil is high in sand add compost and topsoil to improve it. If the clay content is high add peat moss and sand to improve it. In case of urban soils it has been seen that adding soil results in the creation of concrete but when it is used with organic matter it provides for proper drainage and helps in loosening of the soil.

Moisture Content

The soil moisture depends upon the climate of the area. Select those plants according to the moisture content of your garden as some plants require less water.