Square Foot Gardening

Another technique for vegetable gardening. It was developed by Mr. Bartholomew during the eighties and since then has gained prominence. It started as a result of problems faced as a result of community allotment.

This technique involves creating garden beds which are divided into square foot areas. This technique is based on four foot square. This technique gives the advantage of growing large number of plants in a square area. Crops are planted at frequent intervals so that the produce can be obtained throughout the year.

Tips To Start A Square Foot Garden

Basics Of Square Foot Gardening


Garden should be arranged in 4'*4' squares.


Boxes are needed so as to create new soil mix above the ground.


Boxes should be spaced 3' apart to create aisles.


The recommended soil mix is 1/3 blended compost,1/3 peat moss, and 1/3 coarse vermiculite.


A square grid must be made for each box.


Avoid walking on the growing soil.


Watering of plants should be done with normal temperature water.

Selection Of Plants

Different kind of plants should be planted in each square foot.


After harvesting, do take care to add compost to fertilize it again and replant it with a new crop.

Benefits Of Square Foot Gardening