Gardening Supplies

Gardening supplies are needed to make your gardening faster and more efficient Here are certain supplies which can make your gardening a delight. Efficient gardening supplies help to make plants and trees grow faster.

The various kind of gardening supplies which are important for a garden are:


Martin House

It is used to hold martins. They are made of UV protected plastic. They have got sloping floors for god drainage.

Hummingbird Nectar

These are used to attract hummingbirds to the garden. Generally used by mixing with water.

Soil Test Kit

It is required to test whether the soil is deficient in certain nutrients so that the quality of the soil can be improved with the help of right mix of fertilizers or chemicals.

PH Tester

PH tester helps in revealing the acid content of the soil whether it is neutral, acidic or alkaline .if the soil is acidic add some lime to it to make it alkaline and if you want to make it acidic add ferrous sulphate.

Planting Thermometer

Required to check the temperature of the soil so as to decide the plantation time.

Nut Cracker

Used for cracking shellnuts.For e.g. English walnuts, Filbert.


It is either hand operated or power operated and is used for spraying the plants with pesticides or watering them.

Castor Beans

These are used for the purpose of screening and keeping the moles away.

Hot Pepper Wax

It is created from hot pepper. It is used on vegetables, flowers etc. It kills the insects on the plants.

Smoke Bombs

They create sulphur smoke which is used to kill ground wasps and other kind of pests. It is used in those cases where poison bait cannot be used.

Powder Urine

These are used to keep away pests from the garden. Powder urine lasts for a longer time than liquid urine.

Mosquito Repellers

Used to repel mosquitoes by producing the sound of dragonflies. The sound generated is of low frequency and does not disturb humans or animals.